On Saturday 8th July 2006, we the family and friends of MoiseIsrael celebrated his 90th birthday at the Shabbat service in the Kehila Shalom in Cape Town, South Africa.

            It was indeed a wonderful occasion as he went up onto the Bimah and received wonderful blessings from our Rabbi Ruben Suiza as well as so many of the congregants.

            At the sumptuous Brocha after the service, the president, Samy Angel made an emotional speech to him and presented him with a plaque in honour of his milestone birthday. These words were again echoed by Rabbi Suiza who remembered having gone to see Moshe & Stella at their home 25 years ago prior to his appointment as Rabbi.

            We are all cognisant of his wonderful leadership after having been one of the founder members [together with my late uncle Joseph Rahmani and a few other people] of our Kehila in 1960. In an address by Mr. Joe Fintz to Moshe in 1979, he paid homage to his untiring efforts and recognition brought to our synagogue both locally and internationally. He thanked him for always having the community at heart as well as always helping to lead the services for so many years, over several decades. At the annual general meeting held that year, Moise was appointed Honorary Life President in recognition of his true dedication, a position he holds until this day. Needless to say, his wife Stella, always encouraged him in all his endeavours.

            We his children and grandchildren feel privileged to have celebrated this wonderful milestone with him and wish him and Stella "Saludoso" and good health in the future.

                                                                                                              Martine Israel


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