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I want to speak of tenderness

- 50 writers for Anne Ranasinghe -


Edited by Gérard Robuchon


Published by International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo (Sri Lanka)

xv + 402 pages




Table of Contents




Anne Ranasinghe – Writing a poem is an act of losing myself…

Anne Ranasinghe – You ask me why I write poems.

Bibliography of Anne Ranasinghe


Sithy Amarasingham (Trincomalee) – A woman-writer from Trincomalee who produced the greatest amount of stories in Tamil in Sri Lanka. (Essay – Translated from Tamil by Gérard Robuchon)

Ameerdeen K.M. Mohammed (Trincomalee) – Let’s have a brighter future. (Poem – Translated from Tamil by Gérard Robuchon)

Marc AmerasingheLast Day in Death Row. (Script)

Premini AmerasingheContradictions. (Poem)

Dewasundari Arasanayagam (Canada) – Hibiscus. (Poem)

Jean ArasanayagamBerlin Episode 1938. (Part of a novel in progress)

Parvathi ArasanayagamA Mixed Identity. (Short story)

Thiagaraja ArasanayagamWaiting for Kiruba. (Play)

Ahmed Asad (Maldives) – Travelling in the Depths of Time. (Poetical short story)

Senake BandaranayakeThree  poems.

Zoil Bode – Down by the beach. (Poem)

Deloraine Brohier – The Story of the Ephraums Family. (Essay)

Radhika CoomaraswamyFrom Authenticity to Hybridity - A Personal Journey. (Essay)

Premala De Mel (India) – The Christmas story revisited. (Short story)

Alfreda De Silva – First Born. (Poem)

Gilbert De Toni (France) – A Note on the Buddhist Concept of Forgiveness in Pure Land Amidism (Japan). (Essay)

Richard De ZoysaTwo poems.

Bandu D.P. EdussuriyaA Good Deed. (Short story)

Menna Elfyn (Wales) – Two poems. (Poems – Translated from the Welsh by Nigel Jenkins)

Gabriela Elroy (Sweden) – In the Name of Identity. (Narrative)

Manel FonsekaTo Catch the Conscience. (Poem)

Yasmine GooneratneOf M.I.C.E. and Men – Sri Lankan English Writings of Earliest Days. (Narrative)

Aparna HalpéRitumaga. (Poem)

Ashley HalpéMemoranda of July. (Poem)

Farida Haque (Pakistan) – Three poems.

Thowfeeq Hassan The Concept of Reconciliation according to Islam. (Essay)

Kumari JayawardenaLeonard Woolf – A Background Note. (Essay)

Suvimalee KarunaratnaTo A Miss From The Hills. (Poem)

Lora G. Lunt (USA) – Reclaiming the past: Historical novels by contemporary Tunisian women writers in French. (Essay)

Patricia McKenna (Ireland) – Two poems.

Keya Majumdar (India) – Writing Victimhood –  Contemporaneity of the Dark Point of Partition of India. (Essay & Poem)

Muthur Mohideen (Trincomalee) – Dream and Memory. (Poem – Translated from Tamil by Gérard Robuchon)

Judith PasqualgeRhoda Miller. (Essay)

Martin Quéré (France, Sri Lanka) – A scholasticate behind bars – 1944. (Narrative)

Moïse Rahmani (Belgium) – Being a Jew today. (Narrative)

Gérard RobuchonKing Solomon, the Phoenicians, and Ophir. (Essay)

Bruno Saint Girons (France) – Ethics, Ontology and Phenomenology in Emmanuel Levinas’s Philosophy. (Essay – Translated from French by René Tondji-Simen [Cameroon / Montréal])

Ayathurai Santhan (Jaffna) – Two poems.

Charles Sarvan (Germany) – Love. (Short story)

Norman Simms (New-Zealand) – The Obsession with War. (Narrative)

Anders Sjöbohm (Sweden) – Some thoughts on writing library history. (Essay)

Stella Swamidoss15 years in Botswana. (Narrative)

Maithree WickramasingheWhose language is it? (Essay)

Nira Wickramasinghe – The Archaeologist. (Part of a novel in progress)

Punyakante WijenaikeTwo poems.

Kamala WijeratneLike the blossom laden Araliya. (Poem)

Shirley Lal WijesingheThree obstacles to peace-making in Sri Lanka. (Essay)

Rajiva WijesinhaAgendas of Oppression. (Essay)

Adrian ZenoThree poems.

Rose Ausländer (Germany) – Who am I. (Poem)