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Moshé Liba, 1931, former member of a kibbutz, diplomat, lecturer journalist, poet, writer, literary critic, painter, sculptor. Was Director General of the Central Institute of Cultural Relations, Director of the School of Diplomats in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Was Ambassador and Consul General in 15 countries. Was Professor in four universities in Israel, Cameroon and New Zealand, last post: Adjunct Professor in European Literatures and International Relations at the University of Auckland.
Contributes regularly to literary, historical and international publications, reviews, periodicals, yearbooks, anthologies, and On-line publications. Writing in several languages, has published 72 books, short stories, essays, literary criticism, theater-plays. A play on the basis of his books in Hebrew and in Dutch:” The Fiddler from Auschwitz” was staged in Israel and in The Hague. Leon Biriotti (Uruguay) has composed on the basis of his poems, the Concert: “Cinco Canciones Trágicas”, performed as a “World Premiere” in Jerusalem in 2012. Daniel Galay has composed on the basis of one poem, the Concert:” I’ll search until my dying day”, performed as a “World Première” in Jerusalem in 2013; was presented by Dr. K. Wagner at the University of Music, Vienna.

A member of national and international associations of painters and sculptors, has been on the board of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts (2000-2004), and other associations. Has presented 48 solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 300 group exhibitions; has won various awards.
His paintings served as scenery background of the film “Le Grand Pardon 2”, Alexandre Films, Paris, 1993. His paintings, sculptures, statues and murals are in public institutions, ministry buildings, national and city archives, libraries, museums, art galleries and private collections throughout the world. His artworks are represented in albums, anthologies, and Internet websites.


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