New Antisemitic Myth in the Arab Press: The September 11 Attacks Were Perpetrated by the Jews

Memri : Middle East Media Research Institute

Special Report January 08, 2002

A New Antisemitic Myth in the Arab Press: The September 11 Attacks Were Perpetrated by the Jews


Since September 11, the Arab media have claimed that Jews perpetrated the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. Promoting this new myth are high- ranking public officials and columnists in the government and non-government press in Arab countries.

In an attempt to deflect blame from the Arab-Muslim suspects in the attacks, the media have floated a number of ideas on the identities of the perpetrators. According to Arab perceptions, the attacks were carried out by those who stood to gain the most from them. Also examined was the question of who had the capability to carry out such an operation.

In the articles reviewed in this report, the conclusions point directly at the Jews. These conclusions are supported by various forms of evidence, further buttressed by timeworn, long-"substantiated" antisemitic myths. Thus, the papers posit guilt, substantiate their accusations, convict, and, in one case, hand down a sentence ? annihilation "as Hitler did."

I: Arabs Didn't Do It; All Evidence Against them is False

Many columnists in the Arab press disregarded FBI and media reports concerning the identities of the perpetrators, stolidly maintaining that no Arab was responsible. Raed Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, wrote in the movement's mouthpiece Saut Al-Haqq Wa-Al-Hurriyya that it was puzzling that "the manifests of the two airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines, whose planes crashed into the Pentagon and World Trade Center, included not a single Arab? Yet three days later the FBI released the names of 19 Arab passengers, claming that they were the hijackers of the four planes."[1]

Palestinian columnist Khalil Al-Sawahri wrote in the Palestinian Authority-sponsored daily Al-Ayyam that the letter left by the hijackers was forged. "Its disseminators are the circles of Orientalists who are making efforts to tarnish the image of the Arab Muslim. [They] began with falsifying history, deceitfully falsifying and attributing to themselves the stories of prophecy [and later Islamic history] and [continued with] modern films, particularly American [films] in which Hollywood made an effort to present [Arabs] as thieves, terrorists, bandits, base, dirty, and so on?"

"The [security] apparatuses that faked the contents of the black box of the Egyptian plane downed [in October 1999] off the coast of New York, and turned Captain Al- Batouti into a suicide attacker are the same ones [now] claiming that the black boxes of the other planes [of the September 11 attacks] were destroyed and burned ? yet at the same time, they claim that they found letters [left by the terrorists] 'safe and sound.'"

"Furthermore, the will found in the luggage of the Egyptian Muhammad Atta was obviously forged ? how can a man planning to blow himself up in an operation that will fuse iron and stone focus his will on the handling of his body and rituals for washing it, when he knows that his body will turn to ashes and be scattered all over?"[2]

II: The Non-Arab Potential Suspects

Dismissing the possibility that Arabs carried out the attack did not satisfy some of the writers quoted here, and many offered their own lists of suspects. Al-Ayyam columnist Tallal 'Ouqal, of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) , suggested that the Americans look "far from the Middle East," writing: "?Why can't the motive be a settling of historical accounts from World War II? Why can't the background [of the attack] be protest by those harmed by globalization; we noticed the strengthening of the spirit of their battle in Seattle, Genoa, and Athens?? Why can't the motive be linked to those harmed by the missile defense system?"[3]

In the same vein, columnist Abd Al-Jabbar 'Adwan wrote in the Saudi- owned Arabic-language London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat : "?It is known that the American government intends to push forward the missile defense shield project. China, Russia, and several other European states are opposed to this, and President Bush is not interested in their position?"[4]

Columnist Hassan M. Yussef wrote in the Syrian government daily Teshreen : "There is a possibility that this was an [act of] ancient retribution? The U.S. declared war on Japan?and used the atomic bomb for the first time against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [The bomb] killed more than 221,983 Japanese, and was the cause of the Japanese defeat and the end of the war in 1945."[5]

Some pointed their fingers at the American administration itself. For example, Al- Sharq Al-Awsat columnist Samir 'Atallah raised the possibility that the attacks on the U.S. were the product of a conspiracy led by President George W. Bush, explaining his reasoning as follows: "George W. Bush was the president who garnered the least support of all U.S. presidents throughout history. He won the election by a miniscule majority that would not have won a village council [position] in southern Egypt. His presidency was in doubt from the beginning. It was said that the poor way in which he entered the White House would divide the American nation. It was said that he is not worthy [of being president], that he is a man who takes no interest in what is happening in the world, a man who does not know the name of the president of Pakistan?"

"[But] after September 11, George W. Bush is the first president since Roosevelt with both parties behind him, with no one opposing him. He is the first president in the history of the U.S. to have received an unprecedented amount of financial, political, and military support, and to have it approved so quickly by Congress?"[6]

The Jerusalem Arabic weekly Al-Manar ran an article by Dr. Abdallah Al- Sheikh , in which the author claimed that the CIA and FBI were responsible for the September 11 attacks. Al-Sheikh offered the following evidence: "As is known, over time, the American security apparatuses turned into mighty institutions with influence in the political, economic, social, and scientific echelons, and they cannot be ignored. Similarly, they formed liaisons according to the so-called survival model, or the bureaucratic model. This model states that after the establishment of an institution ? and primarily an American security institution ? the first priority is survival, even if this leads it to cooperate with Satan. This is the dominant model in the most powerful intelligence apparatuses in the world, headed by the American CIA and FBI? The operation itself [i.e. the attacks] is characteristic of operations by these apparatuses."[7]

Columnist Mussa Hawamdeh, writing in the Jordanian government daily Al-Dustour , stated, "? We all know that there are extremist religious groups in the U.S. who believe that the coming of the Messiah is near, and who aspire to purify Americans of all their human crimes. Among them are those who believe in committing suicide in order to reach Paradise, through punishing the human race. Mass suicide of entire groups has already occurred."[8]

However, the most popular view among the Arab columnists reviewed in this report is the possibility that Israel, world Zionism, the Mossad, or, simply, the Jews carried out the attacks.

III: Israel/the Mossad/World Zionism/the Jews Did It

Syrian foreign minister Mustafa Tlass, author of The Matza of Zion, a book that depicts the infamous Damascus blood libel of 1840 as an actual event, claimed during a meeting in Damascus with a delegation from the British Royal College of Defense Studies that the Mossad planned the ramming of two hijacked airliners into the WTC towers as part of a Jewish conspiracy.[9]

Former Egyptian ambassador to Afghanistan Ahmad Al-'Amrawi told the Palestinian Islamic Jihad mouthpiece Al-Istiqlal that the Zionist movement and American intelligence organizations planned the attacks. He said the aim was both to extricate Israel from its current crisis and to give the U.S. an opening to take over the oil reserves in the Caspian Sea, thus gaining full control of the world's main oil resources.[10]

Lebanese Druse leader Walid Jumblatt < /B>told Al-Ayyam he thought "it was a large intelligence operation, behind which might be the Mossad and American intelligence, with the aim of [bringing about] a new war in the region so as to impoverish and conquer it."[11]

Sheikh Muhammad Gamei'a, formerly both Al-Azhar University's representative in the U.S. and imam of the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque of New York City, told Al-Azhar University's unofficial web site in a comprehensive interview, "All the signs indicate that the Jews have the most to gain from an explosion like that."[12]

Columnist Ahmad Al-Musallah of Al-Dustour wrote: "What happened is the work of Jewish-Israeli-American Zionism, and the act of the large Zionist Jewish mind controlling the world economically, politically, and through the media?"[13]

Rakan Al-Majali,<.B> another Al-Dustour columnist , wrote: "It is obvious that Israel is the one to gain greatly from this bloody, loathsome, and terrible terror operation, and it seeks to gain further by accusing the Arabs and Muslims of carrying it out? Only Israel does not fear that the Jews will be discovered to be behind this operation ? who inside or outside the U.S. would dare to accuse them, as any harm to them means talk of a new Holocaust? They, more than anyone, are capable of hiding a crime they carry out, and they can be certain that no one will ask them what they have done."[14]

Lebanese-Jordanian Holocaust denier Dr. Hayat Al-Huweiek 'Atiya' presented the theory based on statements made ? or not made ? by an Arab official. In Al-Dustour , she wrote: "Maybe some will think that I am hallucinating when I speak of Jewish Zionist hands behind the terrible event that struck at the U.S.? But in a lengthy interview with the Arab League representative in Paris for the [Egyptian] French-language Al-Nil television channel , [the representative] refrained from pointing directly at the Jews, because as an official he cannot do such a thing before an investigation reveals it, but he [implied] it?"[15]

Jihad Jbara wrote in the Jordanian government daily "?Why [not assume] that Zionist organizations perpetrated it, so that Israel could destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque while the world was preoccupied with what happened in America??"[16]

In Iran, Majlis (Parliament) Chairman Mahdi Karrubi wondered whether the guilty parties might have "come from the land of Afghanistan, or whether the Zionists in Israel plotted the terror operation in order to blacken the faces of the Muslims ? or whether the [terror] operations in America had been consolidated inside America and reached the stage where they required suicide attackers?"[17]

The Iranian English-language daily Tehran Times IV: Presenting the 'Evidence' in the Case

In an attempt to substantiate their accusations against the Jews, the writers made the following arguments.

A) Jewish employees were warned not to come to work at the WTC on September 11

This claim, quickly accepted by the Arab media as incontrovertible fact, was the most salient "evidence" that the Jews were involved in the attacks. Syrian ambassador to Tehran Turky Muhammad Saqr said at a conference held at the Iranian Foreign Ministry: "Syria has documented proof of the Zionist regime's involvement in the September 11 terror attacks on the U.S.," and that "4,000 Jews employed at the WTC did not show up for work before the attack clearly attests to Zionist involvement in these attacks."[19] The conservative Iranian daily Kayhan also referred to this "fact": "It is known that 4,000 Jews worked at the WTC in New York and that these people did not come to work that day."[20] Raed Salah wrote in Saut Al-Haqq Wa- Al-Hurriyya , "A suitable way was found to warn the 4,000 Jews who work every day at the Twin Towers to be absent from their work on September 11, 2001, and this is really what happened! Were 4,000 Jewish clerks absent [from their jobs] by chance, or was there another reason? At the same time, no such warning reached the 2,000 Muslims who worked every day in the Twin Towers, and therefore there were hundreds of Muslim victims."[21] The same numbers were also cited in an article by Syrian columnist Mu'taz Al-Khattib, who wrote in Al-Hayat that 4,000 Jews had been absent from the WTC building at the time of the incident.[22]

Dr. Gamal 'Ali Zahran, head of the political science faculty at Suez Canal University, Egypt, wrote in the Egyptian government daily Al- Ahram : "At the WTC, thousands of Jews worked in finance and the stock market, but none of them were there on the day of the incident. Out of 6,000 killed, of 65 nationalities from 60 countries, not one was a Jew!!"[23] Egypt's Sheikh Gamei'a told Al-Azhar University's unofficial web site, "On the news in the U.S. it was said that 4,000 Jews did not come to work at the WTC on the day of the incident?"[24]

Al-Manar gave further details: "The investigation of these attacks did not begin from the proper starting point; rather, it was swept away by public opinion, shaped by the American media which is controlled by the Jews? Why did they inform the Jews that there was no further need for their services only three days before the attacks? Why did they announce huge losses in the technology sector, in which most of the employees are Jews, with offices in the trade building [WTC] ? which made the Jews leave the place? Why did rumors spread among the Jews that the 'appointed time for the execution of the attack' was a day off work?"[25]

However, a report by the Hizbullah television network Al-Manar ? which according to some sources started the rumor that Jews hadn't come to work at the WTC on September 11 ? said that when it became known that there had been an attack on the WTC in New York, the international media, particularly the Israeli media, exploited the incident and began to mourn the 4,000 Israelis who had worked in the two towers. Then there was no more mention of these Israelis, as it became clear that they hadn't even arrived for work that day.[26]

Columnist Hilmi Al-Asmar wrote in Al-Dustour : "?After fewer than two hours of the 'Red September panic,' announcements were launched like missiles from Israel ? announcements that danced on the wounds of the victims, which included only two Israelis, although the Manhattan towers included a great many Jewish companies and institutions."[27]

B) The U.S. Authorities Arrested Jews 'Rejoicing' at the Catastrophe[28] Sheikh Gamei'a<./B> claimed that the U.S. news sources reported that "police arrested a group of Jews rejoicing in the streets at the time of the incident?" and stated that the news item had been hushed up immediately after it was broadcast.[29]

Raed Salah discussed the matter in greater detail: "Is it true that the American administration arrested five Israelis with European citizenship on suspicion of involvement in the incident[?] They worked for a Jew in a moving company, with forged visas, and were severely tortured during their interrogation so that they would give details about the incident?"[30]

The Saudi Arabian government daily 'Ukkaz also addressed the issue in an editorial, writing "Six Israelis suspected of involvement in New York and Washington were arrested in the U.S., to be later released. This confirms our strong suspicions about the involvement of Israel's Mossad in the ugly crime."[31]

The Egyptian opposition weekly Al-'Usbu' published the news as a scoop, building it up somewhat and giving it the descriptive title, "True Perpetrators of the September 11 Attacks Arrested ? Zionists with Maps of the WTC, the Pentagon, and the White House and Large Quantities of Anthrax." The article reported that "American security forces burst into the home of seven Israelis from Florida, arresting them and finding in their possession large quantities of anthrax microbes and some 15 maps of the WTC, eight maps of the Pentagon, and six maps of the White House? Some of the maps were of airplane flight paths and destinations, while others showed wind speed and temperature?"

"Two days after the arrest of the seven Israelis, the American authorities arrested, in Alaska, four more Israelis, and found in their possession photo enlargements of the atomic reactor in Florida and of the Alaskan oil pipeline. They were arrested by warrant of the American domestic security minister [sic], who reserved in revealing the essence of their connection with the Israelis arrested in Florida?"

"As soon as the arrests of the Israelis became known to the security apparatuses, the investigative bodies were given instructions to maintain the utmost secrecy. The national security advisor asked that the charges not be revealed, even if it were to be proven that Israel was responsible for what had happened?"[32]

C) The Israeli Leaders Knew of the Attacks Ahead of Time Syrian ambassador to Tehran Turky Muhammad Saqr viewed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's unexpected postponement of his visit to the U.S. as "additional proof linking the Zionists with this tragedy."[33]

The Al-Manar television network also addressed the matter: "Suspicions that Israel was involved [in the September 11 attacks] increased after the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth reported that the General Security Services stopped Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from going to New York, and particularly to the east coast of the city, to participate in a 'Support for Israel' conference held by Zionist organizations."[34]

Syrian columnist Mu'taz Al-Khatib gave another example in Al-Hayat : "Barak's presence in the BBC's head office minutes after the explosion, at a meeting set in advance, to speak for 30 minutes of the danger of terrorism and chastise the 'rogue states,' particularly the Arabs?" was, he said, further proof of Israel's involvement.[35]

D) Only the Jews/Israel had the Capability to Carry out the Attacks Sheikh Gamei'a, who said that Jews "are the only ones capable of planning such acts," explained his statements: "First of all, it was found that the automatic pilot was neutralized a few minutes before the flight, and the automatic pilot cannot be neutralized if you don't have command of the control tower.[36] Second, the black boxes were found to contain no information; you cannot erase the information from these boxes if you do not plan it ahead of time on the plane. Third, America has the most powerful intelligence apparatuses, the FBI and the CIA? How did [the perpetrators] manage to infiltrate America without their knowledge? Fourth, Jews control decision-making in the airports and in the sensitive centers in the White House and the Pentagon. Fifth, to date, America has presented no proof incriminating Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida. If we take these things into account and look closely at the incident, we will find that only the Jews are capable of planning such an incident, because it was planned with great precision of which Osama bin Laden or any other Islamic organization or intelligence apparatus is incapable ?"[37]

Orkhan Muhammad Ali wrote in Saut Al-Haqq Wa-Al-Hurriyya that the planes had not been hijacked ? rather, they had been directed by remote control using a system developed by a Jewish-owned company: "Airplanes can be remotely controlled using a modern system called 'GPLS' [sic; evidently he was referring to the Global Positioning System (GPS)]. The U.S. invested some $3.2 billion in developing this system. Additionally, the Department of Defense collaborated with a group of companies [called] Raytheon that specialize in developing aerial missile defense and air traffic control systems. The air traffic control system can be activated remotely by satellite. The moment an airplane, civilian or military, enters the system's range, the operator can decode the signals and signs of the plane's flight system, completely controlling it and directing it towards whatever target he wishes. Also, all the plane's communications apparatus can be silenced. According to the unfolding of [events in] the attacks on New York and Washington, and according to the evidence? the planes were not hijacked; they were remotely controlled and forced to fly towards the targets fed into [the system] by the planners. Therefore, the FBI will investigate the president of this group of companies, whose name is Daniel Burnham, and the head of the engineers responsible for the GPLS system whose name, Bruce Solomon, attests that he is Jewish."[38]

The Iranian daily Kayhan also addressed the question, stating: "The Zionists are the ones who caused the September 11 explosions; perhaps they carried out these operations by means of remote control of the plane."[39]

Al-Dustour columnist Hilmi Al-Asmar had a similar opinion, writing that, "Israel was the only one who could have broken into the American security apparatus. Since its past is rife with operations and crimes [that are] far from moral, it is willing to carry out the most monstrous crime in human history even if the victims would be Jews?"[40]

Some writers cited the Mossad's operational capability as proof of Israel's involvement in the attacks. Dr. Zahran of Suez Canal University wrote in Al-Ahram : "?The scope and nature of the attacks attest to planning and execution by an intelligence apparatus close to the CIA. No intelligence apparatus in the world is as close to the CIA as the Israeli Mossad?"[41]

An 'Ukaz < /I>editorial read, "It is impossible to imagine executing an operation of such scope and precision without the planners and those involved having direct connections within the U.S., [and] full [command] of all the details and fine points of the WTC building and the Pentagon. When we examine this matter closely, we can go no farther in the search for the possible perpetrators than Israeli Mossad agents."[42]

Columnist Galal Al-Sayyed posed this question in the Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar : "?Why couldn't it be the Mossad that secretly planned this crime without exposing itself? [Later,] the idea crept out to bin Laden and his aides via his collaborators [in the Mossad]. I wouldn't be exaggerating by saying that perhaps the Mossad sent bin Laden-trained men and pilots to carry out the operation, without its being discovered? Flight experts have pointed out that it's impossible for amateurs trained for a number of hours, or months, to fly such planes and to do what was done."[43]

V: The Jews' Prior Convictions as 'Evidence': Reviving Infamous Antisemitic Myths

Along with identifying the guilty parties ? that is, the Jews ? and presenting the "evidence," the Arab media further supported their claims by citing the Jews' prior criminal record ? that is, well-known antisemitic myths which have long since confirmed the pattern of Jewish crimes.

A) Israel's history is rife with terror attacks

editor-in-chief Galal Duweidar wrote: "We must warn against attempts by those aspiring to incite the American administration against a number of streams considered to be Islamic and Arab. Reminding the American administration what happened with the Oklahoma bombing should suffice. Then, the Israeli and Jewish propaganda machines accused Arab elements. But later it was discovered that the perpetrator was American? Using these charges, they want to deflect the suspicion that Mossad elements and their collaborators carried out such crimes in order to spoil relations between Muslims/Arabs and America. There have been precedents like this; they exposed disgraces such as the Lavon affair, which revealed this Israeli intelligence apparatus's involvement in the bombing of the American Cultural Center in Cairo in the 1950s, so the Egyptians would be blamed."[44]

Muhammad Abd Al-Fattah Muhsin wrote in Al-Ahram : "Israel, and the Jewish lobby behind it, have managed to drag American society into launching a hate campaign against the Arabs and Muslims, after they pinned the blame for terrorism on them. They have depicted the Arabs and Muslims as the ones behind the tragic events of 'Black Tuesday.' Yet if we browse through the pages of history we find obvious clues [indicating] that terrorism is originally 'made in Israel'?"[45]

Dr. Hayat Al-Huweiek 'Atiya said the Mossad had been involved in many attacks, including one in Paris. This, she said, intimated that the Mossad was also involved in the September 11th attacks. In Al-Dustour, she wrote: "?The investigation of the bombing of the Paris synagogue showed that the Mossad was behind the deed, and that the agent who infiltrated one of the extreme rightist organizations was the one who took responsibility. Nevertheless, this did not have political consequences. There are dozens of examples, including the bombs in Baghdad which caused mass Jewish emigration? It is true that these are minor examples, and that they cannot compare with what happened yesterday, but it is not a question of scale? Due to the scope of the disaster, it should be assumed that there were a number of elements creating it? We must direct full diplomatic and media efforts not only towards washing our hands and denying our involvement from the dock, but also towards a counterattack to shift us from the weak position of those on the defensive to a stronger and more aggressive position."[46]

B) The Avaricious Jews Carried out the Attacks for Profit

Dr. Zahran of Suez Canal University wrote in Al-Ahram : "There were many rumors, and open publicity, that the Jews, who were huge stockholders in the airlines and insurance companies, sold their stocks at the highest possible prices in Europe some 10 days before the attacks on America. After the stock market began functioning again, on September 17? the Jews competed amongst themselves to buy [these] stocks at the lowest possible prices, or waited until the stocks reached their minimal value and then acquired them, for tremendous profits. There is no doubt that this can expose their involvement in the crime. This demands covert investigation by U.S. government bodies far from the official investigative bodies."[47]

C) The Jews Want to Take Over the World and 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' Proves It Political and economic expert Dr. Amira Al-Sinwani summarized "The Protocols" for Al-Akhbar : "'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' published at the First Zionist Congress in the city of Basel, Switzerland in 1897, rose from the depths of darkness. They were later printed in French, in 1905. In 1921, the publication of these protocols was completely banned, except for the Arabic version. We all understand why Israel conceals these protocols when we look at the calls for destruction and the immorality [appearing in them] ? among them the call to destroy the world and set up 'a world Jewish government that will rule this land' ? that is, rule the world."

To support her claims, Dr. Al-Sanwani referred to another article ? one appearing in a book published in 1935 by the Germans titled "A Handbook on the Jewish Question." She wrote: "In 1789, former U.S. president Benjamin Franklin [sic] warned against the increase in Jewish immigrants, saying, 'The U.S. faces potential danger from the Jews, wherever they may be. They bring down moral standards; they disseminate fraud in commerce, and they disseminate grief in the country. If the world gives them Palestine ? they will be bloodsuckers. They must be among others so that they can trample them. If they are not constitutionally expelled from the U.S. within a hundred years at the most, they will infiltrate the U.S. in numbers that will allow them to rule and destroy it. They will set themselves apart from us even if they are among us for tens of generations. The leopard cannot change his spots. I warn you, if you do not completely expel the Jews from America, they will endanger our institutions.'[48] They themselves [the Americans] attested to this."

Dr. Al-Sanwani concluded her article with a final claim about the perpetrators of the 'Black Tuesday' terror attacks: "We do not support placing blame without clear-cut proof. It is only a possibility that the U.S. must consider in order to determine which body or country carried out the terrorist crime against it, before accusations are leveled at the Arabs or Muslims or bin Laden without clear-cut proof."[49

A leading article in Al-Manar also draws heavily on the "Protocols,": "The Zio- Americans were angry and deeply saddened when their candidate Al Gore and his Zionist-American colleague [i.e. Joseph Lieberman] lost the recent presidential elections. They were striving to begin the Judaization of the White House, politically and officially, by bringing a Jewish vice president into the White House as a first step towards the day when a Jew from the race of the House of David would stand at the head of the American Jewish Republic, thus fulfilling the Biblical prophecy that at the end of days a king from the seed of the House of David would rule the world? and thus Israel would be guaranteed complete security and world Zionism would fully control America's material and spiritual power. This disappointment aroused the ire and the hatred of the Zio-American Jews; they expressed this in all areas [using] all means. They resolved that the administration in the U.S. should be brought back to the Clinton era, during which most of the ministers [sic] were Jews. [They will do this] with a win by the Zionist-controlled Democratic Party, in the next presidential election ? which will be made possible only by toppling the Republican administration headed by President George Bush Jr. [sic] and offering the candidacy of a Zio-American Jew who will Judaize the White House politically and officially ? although the White House has long been Judaized, since most of its officials are Zionist Americans?"[50]

Saudi Prince Mamdouh bin Abd Al-Aziz, president of the Saudi Center for Strategic Studies, wrote in the London daily Al-Hayat that the "Protocols" were based on a number of "other genuine documents": "Anyone who even skims through The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Pieces on the Chessboard, or the book The World is a Pawn in the Hands of Israel , and follows current events, becomes convinced that the Jews are behind the world's current 'terrorized' atmosphere? These three books concur that there is a Zionist conspiracy?[the goal of which is] to channel everything, as much as possible, towards the interests of world Jewry, primarily those among them called 'Allah's Chosen People'?"

"Objectivity demands that we ask whether the disasters that have struck at the heart of the Arab and Islamic world over many long years were mere coincidence, or were the result of a conspiracy?. I have no doubt whatsoever that many Arab Islamic countries and organizations, both religious and pan-Arab, that acted in good faith, were infiltrated by the Jews?"[51]

D) Jewish Involvement in the Events of September 11 was Never Reported because the Jews Control the American Media This was another of Egypt's Sheikh Gamei'a's claims: "When a group of people attacked my home [in America], I went out to them and asked why they were doing this. They said that because we were Muslims we were linked to terrorism. I explained to them that what they were doing was uncivilized and was, in effect, a twofold crime; you let the criminals go free and attack innocents. This does not suit a modern state and a modern people, and is opposed to human values? During my conversations with this group, it became clear to me that they knew very well that the Jews were behind these ugly acts, while we, the Arabs, were innocent, and that someone from among their people was disseminating corruption in the land. Although the Americans suspect that the Zionists are behind the act, none has the courage to talk about it in public?When I asked them whether they had the courage to talk about it openly, they said: 'We can't.' I asked why, and they said: 'You know very well that the Zionists control everything and that they also control political decision- making, the big media organizations, and the financial and economic institutions. Anyone daring to say a word is considered an anti-Semite.'"

"On the news in the U.S. it was said that 4,000 Jews did not come to work at the WTC on the day of the incident, and that the police arrested a group of Jews rejoicing in the streets at the time of the incident? The Jews who control the media acted to hush it up so that the American people would not know?. We saw these Zionists, just one hour after the event, broadcasting on the BBC, the biggest media channel, that the Arabs, and particularly the Palestinians, were celebrating and rejoicing over the American deaths. [To do this] they broadcasted a video from 1991, [filmed] during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. But Allah thwarted them when a professor from a Brazilian university stated that the video was a forgery, because she had a copy of [the original film]."[52]

Dr. Zahran of Suez Canal University <.B>attempted to explain why the U.S. did not suspect the Jews of being involved in the attacks even in the face of ample "evidence." He claimed that there was a conspiracy of silence on the matter: "?The information that could help me prove the assessment that the Jews and the Mossad are responsible for the September 11 attacks on the U.S. is deliberately vague. Why not reveal the names of all the passengers on the four airplanes, and the names of all those who didn't board the flight, among whom were Jews? If they were to reveal the real data, it would help provide clear answers. But evidently this data will remain a big secret, so as to prevent accusations of Israel, its intelligence apparatus, and the Jews of America?"[53]

VI: The Crystallization of the New Antisemitic Myth

After most of the articles, interviews and references mentioned above appeared, a comprehensive article by Ahmad Abu Zayid, titled "The Jews Are Behind the Explosions in America," was published in Al-Ahram . In it, Abu Zayid submitted 14 "pieces of evidence" in support of the theory that Israel and the Mossad were involved in the September 11 attacks, and presents most of the claims mentioned above.

"Following the explosions in the U.S. on the morning of September 11, the American scenario, whose episodes included directing pre-formulated accusations against Arab and Islamic circles, using this pretext in order to strike at particular countries, and launching the war in Afghanistan and killing over 1,000 citizens of this impoverished and tormented people, has [begun to] come true. Since then, it has been revealed to me and to anyone following events and the way in which America is handling the crisis that the American authorities' problem is not knowing who the real perpetrator is, but the American administration's desire to develop the event so that? pre- prepared plans to move into new areas now without a direct American military presence can be implemented, and Osama bin Laden can be used as a pretext to gain solidarity from world public opinion."

"Immediately after the [September] incidents, the American authorities began to direct ready-made accusations towards certain people and elements [i.e. Arabs and Muslims]. The American investigative apparatuses devoted efforts to verifying these charges without noticing a series of pieces of evidence proving that the Arabs and Muslims did not perpetrate the explosions, and that the explosions were perpetrated by covert elements accustomed to acting secretly, violently, and bloodily, and then pinning the blame on someone else ? thus accomplishing important strategic goals. [It seems] as if the American administration was only waiting for an event of this type to strike at the Islamic countries and declare war against them without seeking out the real perpetrator of these explosions, unprecedented in American history."

"The question that now arises is, what is the interest in concealing the [identity of] the real perpetrator while directing American public opinion and the investigative authorities towards Osama bin Laden and the Arabs, although there is a strong possibility that they did not carry out the huge attacks?"

"The facts prove that the capability to carry out this attack, as it was carried out, lies solely in the hands of a single element in America ? that is, the Zionist lobby, which has managed to infiltrate all American bodies. The possibility that the Zionist lobby, and behind it the Mossad, were involved is a strong one. We are not saying these things in a vacuum. There is a long line of evidence substantiating this":

"1. [Israel's]? General Security Services warned Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the beginning of September? not to go to the U.S. during the entire month, as noted by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth which reported that Sharon had planned to go to New York in order to participate in a conference of solidarity with Israel organized by the American Jewish organizations."

"2. Some 4,000 Jews employed in the WTC did not go to work that morning. It is not possible that such a large number [of people] was absent from work by chance. This is a fact that [even] the Zionist bodies in America do not deny, and it proves that the Jews knew what was about to happen."

"3. The Jews sold their stocks in the Manhattan stock exchange two days before the attacks. The sellers [on the stock exchange] were surprised by the [Jews'] haste to sell their stocks in American companies."

"4. Twenty Jews came from outside the U.S., entered the WTC on the morning of the event, and left before the attack. In addition, no Jew was hurt in the incident."

"5. [Federal investigators] arrested a group of Jews who set up video cameras on the roof of one of the Israeli companies across from the WTC a little while before the incident, in order to film the moment of the explosions. This proves that Zionist elements knew what was about to happen. The Israeli paper Ha'aretz noted that the federal investigators had arrested five Zionists who worked for a moving company owned by a Zionist in nearby New Jersey on suspicion of involvement in the explosions. The police interrogated them for three days, which came only four hours after the incident as they were filming the explosions and dancing with glee. The newspaper added that one of the suspects was interrogated for 14 hours straight on suspicion of belonging to the Mossad after it became clear that he had European citizenship in addition to his Israeli citizenship ? something only Mossad agents are allowed."

"6. [The claim that] the Mossad carried out these explosions in the country most friendly to Israel is based on its involvement in similar operations in the past such as the blasting of the American ship U.S.S. Liberty in 1967. Furthermore, no organization or country with good economic and technical [abilities] has so deeply infiltrated American society and institutions, except for the Zionist entity and its arm the Mossad. Proving this, is the report that appeared in the British paper The Guardian, that no Arabs at all were aboard the two airplanes that struck the WTC."

"7. The Canadian newspaper Newsembrojo [sic] reported that a CIA source had said he had information practically proving that the Israeli Mossad was involved in the attacks. The source, who refused to reveal his name for fear of putting the Canadian newspaper at risk, added that the possibilities existed and that the CIA apparatus had discovered an Israeli threat to hit buildings in the U.S. so as to arouse world public opinion against the Arabs."

"8. This attack demands great military precision. The activity was carried out by a military or a global intelligence body, not by a group of terrorists that did not possess what the big countries have."

"9. These attacks shifted world public opinion against the Arabs and Muslims and in favor of Israel, particularly after the rise of voices condemning Israel for its racism during the Durban conference that followed 11 months of the Palestinian intifada."

"10. Israel and world Zionism are the only ones to gain from these incidents."

"11. The Jews acted to monger disagreement and contention between America and the Arabs after Israel sensed recently a certain American identification with the Palestinian people."

"12. There are many precedents in which the Zionists and the Jews carried out organized terrorist activities. The operation that took place was one that only a well- trained intelligence apparatus like the Mossad could have carried out."

"13. Israel is the only one that could have carried out these explosions. The attacks themselves prove that they were planned by elements highly familiar with the American apparatuses. The Mossad is the only one that could have breached American security. Only the Zionists get the trust of the Americans, enabling them to carry out such an operation without accusations being leveled at them."

"14. Israel wanted to divert attention from the official, and, particularly, the popular international pressure on the Zionist government due to the massacres and the war of annihilation it wages against the Palestinian people."

"In light of these certain facts, we can determine that the Israeli security apparatuses knew in good time of the date of the suicide attacks on the U.S., and that these apparatuses, particularly the Mossad, were involved in one way or another in organizing and perpetrating the big terrorist operation. This is for a simple reason ? that Israel is the first and only one to gain from this crime."

"The entire world must know who the [real] terrorists are, who act to corrupt the entire world, to stir up contention among the peoples, and to kindle war and conflict that kill women, children, and the elderly. America must seek the real perpetrator of the recent explosions ? not shut its eyes in the face of what the Zionist Jews are doing? and not persist with its hostility towards the Arabs and Muslims."[54]

The Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Gamei'a, one of the more vocal proponents of the conspiracy theory, went further still and hinted at the punishment the Jews should receive for their deeds ? annihilation like Hitler attempted:

"I told the American officials that the American people cannot, at this critical stage, know the real enemy who struck at its heart if it does not awaken from its slumber and stop blaming the Arabs and the Muslims. Immediately after the event, some 30% of the American people awakened [and realized] that they were the victims of deception on the part of the Jews, who presented the Arabs and the Muslims to them as a nation of barbarians and blood-shedders. It became clear to the American people that hidden hands were at play in their land. I heard from many Americans who visited me at the Islamic Center that they had been misled by the Jews and thus had come to express their support for the Arabs and Muslims. They said openly, We were deceived!!? If this [deceit] were to be known to the American people, they would do to the Jews what Hitler did to them!?"[55]

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